Monopoly Go: The Best Strategies To Use

Mobile game Monopoly Go seems straightforward, but as the levels increase, so does the difficulty, and players will often find themselves embroiled in a cycle of construction and demolition. In order to help players conquer the casual mobile game, here are some top tips to master!

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Play With Friends

Playing Monopoly GO with friends is not only possible but also recommended, since when people you know are on the other side improves certain gameplays —such as Bank Robberies or Demolitions. There are also cooperative events in which you can participate with friends and family, as well as the Community Chests— with which you can get rewards. In addition, the different ways of inviting friends to Monopoly GO will give you various rewards, such as dice, sticker packs, and more.

Use Dice Multiplier

You can simply tap on the multiplier to increase its value up to the maximum you have available, which is 100x. The more Dice Rolls you have, the higher your Dice Multiplier can go. This will give 100 times the money and 100 times the bonus dice, shields, and other resources awarded. This bonus includes income from Bank Heists and Shut Downs, event rewards, and sometimes even the amount given with store purchases. The player can be tactical with the multiplier by using a lower multiplier when hunting for resources like shields or attempting to complete objectives that require the token to land on a specific tile while saving dice for a higher multiplier later on.

Check The Shop Bonus Every Eight Hours

Monopoly Go rewards users with a daily log-in bonus that usually includes a sticker pack containing different stickers. Besides this, there’s a gift in the shop every eight hours that includes valuable sticker packs occasionally. It is easy to see when a shop bonus is available, as the shop icon on the left of the playboard will have a red dot next to it. Dont Miss!

Cheaper Landmarks Give More Buildings

There are five landmarks in the game and every time you build or upgrade it, you’ll earn a house. And once you are able to place five houses in a single tile, it will upgrade to a hotel, it is better to start with the cheaper landmarks first. The cheaper landmarks further to the left on the landmark screen aren’t just cheaper initially; their upgrade price increases at a lower rate as well, making the fully upgraded landmark cheaper overall. This means one can get more houses in a shorter time by upgrading from left to right. There is also a lot less worry about having the cheaper landmarks demolished by other players, as it will be cheaper to rebuild. And rebuilding landmarks still generates houses.

Build Frequently To Collect Houses

Landing on a tile in a color with all hotels will trigger a bonus event. The nature of this event varies depending on what main event is running at the moment, and triggering this event will consume the hotel on each tile of that color. Because of this, the player will never stop building houses. An additional bonus is that building landmarks is by far the fastest way to level up and get more level-up rewards, such as more Monopoly Go dice, higher shield capacity, and special tokens used to unlock cosmetic items.

Let Objectives Take Care Of Themselves

Daily objectives often present a great opportunity to get closer to the target. However, the dice decide the player’s fate, and it’s hard to influence how one’s luck will unfold. It is better to ignore the daily objectives when playing and just collect the bonuses once an objective is completed. The objectives will often be things like “upgrade a landmark” or “land on a utility 3 times”. None of these are easy to aim for. However, most of them will be automatically completed with regular daily play.

Don’t Lose Hope

Every mistake is a small setback, not the end of the world. Even if the player’s bank is completely emptied and their landmarks all destroyed, the player can still make it back on top. Bonuses, events, and mini-events will often help the player build their empire back up. Extra dice, higher multipliers, bonuses for completing objectives, daily bonuses, and community chests can all help improve the player’s luck. And if one day feels particularly unlucky, the next may offer better fortune. Some extra dice, a higher multiplier, a roll on the community chest, or a new event could spell fortune for the player.

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