Fallout 76 Fasnacht: A Vibrant Celebration in Helvetia

Fallout 76 Fasnacht

The Fasnacht event has returned to Fallout 76, which brings tons of new content and rewards for players. For many players, this will be the first time experiencing the Fasnacht event in Fallout 76, a colorful and lively festival set in the town of Helvetia. This guide will walk you through the event, ensuring you know what to expect and how to make the most of it.

Fallout 76 Fasnacht Duration

The Fasnacht Day event in Fallout 76 is a seasonal public event that typically takes place in Helvetia.

Fasnacht Duration

  • Starting: Tuesday 25th June – 12pm Est 5pm Bst
  • Ending: Tuesday9th July – 12pm Est 5pm Bst

The event runs once every hour, starting at the top of the hour. Players have 10 minutes to speak to the Master of Ceremonies to initiate the event. The event involves completing tasks for five Protectron Marchers, which then proceed to the center of Helvetia to start the parade.

Getting Started

To kick off the Fasnacht event, travel to Helvetia and find the Mr. Handy robot with a violin near the bridge. Initiate the event by talking to him. If you want to complete the tasks in this event more easily, then the fo76 weapons for sale in U4GM will help you to proceed more smoothly in the game.

Part 1: Gathering the Parade Marchers

The first task is to find the five Protectron robots scattered around town. They each have a specific task you need to complete before they join the parade. Out of eight possible choices, only five will appear each time. Here’s a rundown of the possible tasks:

  1. The Woodsman: Located in front of the church, he requires you to gather wood for the bonfire.
  2. The Interior Decorator: Found in the building with the piano next to the church, he asks you to put up decorations.
  3. The Butcher: Standing in a wrecked kitchen on the same side of the street, he needs intestines to make Fasnacht Sausages. These can be gathered from critters nearby.
  4. The Baker: In the restaurant’s kitchen on the corner, he needs Rad Toad eggs to make Fasnacht Donuts. These can be found in the creek behind the restaurant.
  5. The Candle Stick Maker: Located in the Candle Haus across the street from the church, he requires wax from the Honey Haus.
  6. The Musician: At the bandstand, he wants you to play music. The more players join, the faster it goes.
  7. The Bee Keeper: Found at the Honey Haus, he needs you to kill three Honey Beasts.
  8. The Historian: Located in the building behind the church, he collects Fasnacht beer steins.

Once you complete their tasks, the Protectrons will gather at the parade start in front of the church and Candle Haus.

Part 2: The Parade

With the parade ready to begin, participants usually bring out lunch boxes and scout banners. The parade route includes several stops where the robots perform dances and various enemies attack. Here’s the detailed route:

  1. First Stop: At the footpath crossing the bridge before the restaurant. While the robots dance, fend off waves of Rad Toads.
  2. Second Stop: In front of the cut-out for taking pictures. Here, Super Mutants attack from the hill behind the store.
  3. Final Stop: Back at the parade start, where wolves and blood bugs attack while the robots dance.

During this final segment, a boss will spawn. Traditionally, it’s been a Megasloth, but new bosses may appear due to recent updates.

Lighting the Bonfire

Lighting the Bonfire

After defeating the boss, the last step is lighting the bonfire, a visually spectacular part of the event. Interact to light it, and expect players to use their favorite flamers for added effect.

Collecting Rewards

Once the bonfire is lit, you can collect your rewards, which may include unique items like the Fasnacht Sausage and Donut recipes.

The Meme

You might notice players hitting the robots with protest signs about bots stealing jobs—this is a popular meme within the event.

Join the Fun

And finally, if you spot someone bouncing around in a clown outfit and Jester Mask, it might just be a fellow player getting into the Fasnacht spirit. Enjoy the festivities and Happy Fasnacht!

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