Throne and Liberty April 17th Update Summary

Some fixes to in-game dungeons

  • Horror island
    • Fixed an issue where the Glowing Raptor Actuator would not use waves intermittently.
    • Kertaki’s meteors will generate an ignition area even if you die the first time you are hit.
    • Kertaki now uses up to 6 Devour attempts.
    • Fixed all rats hiding before Kertaki’s hunger status is removed so that they no longer use Earthquake.

Killer’s Crack

  1. Killer Canyon
  • Changed environment settings > to expose high temperature rays regardless of the “Only my work” setting.
  1. Bloody Island
  • Fixed an issue where damage from Sticky Bombs would not apply to players in wooden fence areas.
  • The Goblin Exploder’s “Barrel Bomb” no longer has the Frozen Grave effect.
  • Fixed an issue where the Goblin Exploder’s “Sticky Bomb” hit larger than its actual size.
  • Fixed an issue where the damage area created after tracking Gaitan’s “Fire Ax Flight” would not disappear when the battle resets.
  • Fixed the issue where the “Fire Halo” area generated around Gaitan after Gaitan’s “Self-Immolation Ritual” was intermittently invisible.
  • The recognition ability has been enhanced, and the area before damage in Gaitan’s “Execution” is clearly visible.
  • Fixed an issue where Gaitan’s “Goblin Pillar” spawn and death animations were not visible.
  • Fixed an issue where Gaitan’s “Sacrifice Brand” status was removed but was still dragged down by the “Goblin Pillar”.
  1. Codex
  • Fixed the problem that the target could not be refreshed according to “Blue Flame Brand to Red Flame Brand” in [Island of Blood Rage].
  • Isle of Bloodrage Fixed an issue where the title provided as a Cortex reward was displayed incorrectly.
  1. Field leader
  • Modified the “Adentus” rage skill so that it will not cause misjudgment.

Dawn Traveler Package
﹣The Dawn Traveler Outfit Set and Yihong’s Weapon Appearance Pack are now available.

Schnee’s gift list will be added

[Promotion] Server transfer permissions

Sales of “Server Transfer Rights” have begun.

In order to apply the changed method, the schedule of the Originium and Warpstone Conquest Wars will inevitably be adjusted. Please inform you in advance of the adjusted schedule and how subsequent Conquest Wars will be conducted.

Following the April 24th update, the first Summon Battle will take place on Saturday, April 27th at 11pm ET, while the Teleport Stone will take place on Thursday, April 25th at 11pm ET.
After that, the schedule will be the same as now, with the Origin Stone at 11pm on a six-day cycle, and the Dimension Stone at 11pm on a four-day cycle.
The domination schedule prior to the April 24th update will remain unchanged.

capture contentschedule
Origin stone6-day cycle, 11 p.m.
Warpstone4-day cycle, 11 p.m.

Declaration and matching time

﹣36 hours before the prayer stone/warpstone starts, you can “declare” the origin stone/warpstone you wish to participate in.
-The matching results will be announced 12 hours before the origin stone/warp stone starts
So, in the case of the first meridian stone at 11pm on Thursday, April 25th,
You will be able to declare a Domination War starting at 11am on Wednesday the 24th, and you can view the results of the match after 11am on Thursday the 25th.

progressscheduleprogress time4/25 Dimension Stone Example
Can be declared36 hours ago24 hoursApril 24 (Wednesday) 11 a.m.
match12 hours ago12 hours April 25 (Thursday) 11:00 am
The war of conquest begins30 minutesApril 25 (Thursday) 11pm

How to declare war and occupy

  • In the guild window (G), select the “Domination” category and apply for Origin Stones and Warpstones.
    ﹣Only players with the “Guild Leader” and “Advisor” levels can “announce” a conquest war
  • You can choose your first, second or third choice, and you can cancel your declaration and reapply within the time you can declare.
  • Applying for a domination war will consume 1 guild flag. Even if the application is cancelled, the cost will not be restored.
    Guilds that already own Control Stones cannot declare. In order to capture other Origin Stones/Dimension Stones,
    Declaration must be made by “giving up ownership of existing control stones”.

Conquest Match Matching Rules

Matching will be based on the following conditions and the order chosen by guilds 1-3.
If there are multiple guilds with the same conditions, the match will be played in order of the guild with the highest ranking.

If you are excluded from the match in ranking order, the match will be played by comparing the conditions of the next desired Origin Stone/Warpstone.

Control Stone Guild Ranking<Registered Guild RankingConfirm 1:1 match
(2 guilds)
Control Stone Guild Ranking>Registered Guild Ranking1:1:1 match
(Max 3 guilds)
If you don’t have a guild with a control stone1:1:1 match
(Max 3 guilds)

The guild ranking, regardless of the guild level, is calculated by “the sum of guild activity + guild member activity”.
If the match fails, 1 guild flag used for declaration will be returned.
Ownership of confirmed rough and warpstone matches cannot be initialized.
Characters who are not members of the guild participating in the Conquest War will be in spectator mode when entering the Conquest War area.
The spectating character cannot be seen by other players and can move freely, but cannot attack or interact. However, you can use a grappling hook.
Starting from April 24, events will be held where individuals can earn more “activity points”.

The above is a summary of the April update content of Throne and Liberty.