Unlock Ultimate Lepic Guide In The First Descendant

Ultimate Lepic is a powerful version of the character Lepic in The First Descendant. You can master the use of Lepic through The First Descendant: Maximum Damage Build For Lepic. Through the Ultimate Project, Lepic has gained immense power and can clear the battlefield with his Tactical Prosthetic Arm and grenades. U4GM provides the best Ultimate Lepic Character Unlock Boost service which is cheap and completed quickly. Use coupon code “allen” to get 5% off at U4GM! To unlock Ultimate Lepic in The First Descendant, you can follow these steps:

1. Purchase from the Shop: You can immediately purchase Ultimate Lepic from the in-game shop for 3000 Caliber, the premium currency. If you need Ultimate Lepic Character Leveling Boost, U4GM is your first choice.
2. Crafting: Alternatively, you can craft Ultimate Lepic by gathering the necessary materials. These include:
· Ultimate Lepic Enhanced Cells
· Semiconstant Plasma x652
· Flectorite x656
· Divided Plasma Battery x50
· Ultimate Lepic Enhanced Cell Blueprint
· Ultimate Lepic Stabilizer
· Monad Shard x554
· Shape Memory Alloy x1039
· Crystal Biogel x89
· Ultimate Lepic Stabilizer Blueprint x1
· Ultimate Lepic Spiral Catalyst
· Metal Accelerant x1168
· Nanopolymers x817
· Data Processing Neural Circuit x84
· Ultimate Lepic Spiral Catalyst Blueprint x1
· Ultimate Lepic Code
To get the Ultimate Lepic Stabilizer Blueprint, complete the Void Fusion Reactor in Kingston on Normal mode. For the Ultimate Lepic Spiral Catalyst, complete the Void Fusion Reactor in Sterile Land on Normal mode. These blueprints have a low drop chance.
3. Research and Crafting Process: Once you have all the materials, speak to Anais in Albion to initiate the research process. This will cost gold and real-world time. Once the research is complete, Ultimate Lepic will be permanently unlocked.

These methods allow you to unlock Ultimate Lepic and access his powerful abilities and unique traits.