Marvel Future Fight: The Best Ways To Make Your Hero Stronger

Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight is a role-playing game that features some of the most beloved Marvel characters. In the game, you have many different methods to power these heroes, and it’s tough for a new player to decipher which is more important. So in this guide, we will show you the best way to make your hero stronger to help you have an awesome team setup in no time!

Hero Star Rank

Marvel Future Fight heroes are ranked by their “Stars”. Having more stars adds to raw stats, unlocks additional active and passive skills, and allows for higher mastery options for better leadership skills. You “rank” up heroes by collecting more specific hero’s biometrics.

Hero Mastery

Heroes can master special abilities up to Level 6 with Norn Stones. Perks for Mastery are Stat Boost and Leader Skill. Depending on the Hero Type, you will need different types of Norn Stones which can be purchased with Tokens in Token Shop or found in Story Missions. Keep in mind, that the mastery level is capped by your hero’s star rank.

Gear Upgrades

The importance of having bios to get as many characters’ gears as possible can’t be overstated. Make your MFF hero stronger by upgrading the gears. The gears require materials that you obtain through Normal stage drops, gold, and the dimensional piece from the Dimensional Rift.

Skill Upgrades

You can upgrade your skills based on the Hero’s Level. Each 10 levels will increase your level cap up to level 6. Increasing Skill Level will increase their damage. Some skills with buffs will increase the effectiveness of the buff. They require quite a bit of Gold to upgrade and are capped by your hero’s level.

Striker Synergy

The Striker Skill will be unlocked when a hero is advanced to Tier 4. When the Striker Skill is used, the hero set as a hero will use a skill and an additional buff effect will be applied to the Tier-4 hero. Different heroes have different striker combinations which is very important for your mission gameplay.

Leadership Skill

Once your hero masters an ability and is in the lead position of the team the entire team to be granted the passive effects. Leadership skills are unlocked and upgraded through hero rank-up and mastery.

Team Bonus

Team Bonuss are special sets of heroes that boost your entire team’s stats. Note that the entire team gets boosted. For example, if you have a team bonus with just two heroes, the third non-related hero will also get that team bonus stats boost. The more stars each character has that match the other 2, the bigger the bonus will be.

ISO-8 Raw and Bonus Stats

ISO-8 can be equipped to your characters to increase their stats. The amount of ISO-8 that can be equipped to a character increases as they level up. You start with 1 slot open, gaining extra slots at levels 10, 20, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50, giving a total available slots of 8. You can enhance ISO-8 to raise the bonuses they give, using other ISO-8 and money. Once you have enhanced them as much as is allowed, you can combine them with another +5 piece of the same rank to increase its rank.


Uniforms are purchasable items that give specific character bonuses. Different uniform offers special stats or skill effects to your hero. You will have to check the shop for the best offering available for your heroes.

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