Guide to Farming Resources and Upgrading in The First Descendant

In this guide, we’ll cover essential tips on farming resources and upgrading your favorite Descendant and weapons in The First Descendant. This will help you progress further into the endgame content of the game.

Energy Activators

To increase your module capacity while progressing through the story quest, you can obtain two energy activators. These can be used to upgrade your favorite Descendant and weapon. Buy cheap TFD Gold Farming to easily acquire components for weapon and module boosts. Use coupon code “harry” at U4GM to get discounts and save more!

Crystallization Catalyst

If you need more module capacity to equip the necessary mods for your weapons and Descendants, you can use the Crystallization Catalyst as early as the normal levels. Below are the materials required for the Crystallization Catalyst and where to farm them:

Murky Energy Residue

  • Location: Forgotten Mission in Sterile Land
  • Details: Dropped by an elite mob on a circular platform where you defend an area for a few seconds. You can get about 15 Murky Energy Residues per run. It’s recommended to farm this in normal mode for efficiency.

Macro Molecule Bogle

  • Location: Muskeg Swamp and Derc Covert in Echo Swamp
  • Details: Farmable in two outposts. Both locations will reward you with the necessary materials for crafting the Catalyst.

Mixed Energy Residue

  • Location: Encrypted Vaults in open world areas
  • Details: Locate encrypted vaults by scanning with your Isa feature until you hear a chime. You need a code analyzer key, which can be farmed at the Ambush Point in Sterile Land. This mission is quick (about 30 seconds) and gives you a chance to get a code analyzer from an elite unit.

Advanced Neural Circuit

  • Location: Orders Occupied Facility
  • Details: This mission has two elite units that drop the Advanced Neural Circuit materials, increasing your gain per run.

Catalyst Blueprint

  • Location: Amorphous materials from Void Intercept Bosses
  • Details: The best farm is Slumber Valley in Kingston. Defeat the boss to get amorphous materials that contain the Catalyst blueprint. Another option is the Grave Walker mission. Buying the TFD Zone Missions Boost to complete maps and earn rewards from these challenging adventures.

Farming for Specific Materials

Energy Activators
While you can farm energy activators, it’s recommended to do so once you reach the endgame. As a free-to-play gamer, you’ll find that the grind in The First Descendant is relatively easy compared to other games like Warframe.

By following these tips and strategies, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the farming and upgrading system in The First Descendant. Enjoy your journey and happy farming!