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The First Descendant: Hard Mode Farming Guide

Farming Energy Activators quickly in The First Descendant, while the materials are relatively easy to obtain, the blueprint grinding is the most challenging part, often requiring multiple runs to obtain the Energy Activator’s mere 3% drop chance from the Amorphous Materials. Buy cheap TFD Campaign Boost to quickly farm Energy Activators. Use “harry” coupons for ….  Read More

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Guide to Farming Resources and Upgrading in The First Descendant

In this guide, we’ll cover essential tips on farming resources and upgrading your favorite Descendant and weapons in The First Descendant. This will help you progress further into the endgame content of the game. Energy Activators To increase your module capacity while progressing through the story quest, you can obtain two energy activators. These can ….  Read More

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Unlock Ultimate Lepic Guide In The First Descendant

Ultimate Lepic is a powerful version of the character Lepic in The First Descendant. You can master the use of Lepic through The First Descendant: Maximum Damage Build For Lepic. Through the Ultimate Project, Lepic has gained immense power and can clear the battlefield with his Tactical Prosthetic Arm and grenades. U4GM provides the best ….  Read More

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