The FUT 15 Perfect Series A Squad

The Series A is the highest level of professional soccer league in the world. In the 1980s and 1990s, the star-studded Series A has many strength team, which was once recognized as the NO.1 football league in the world, known as the “Mini World Cup”. In the FIFA 15 UT, we can gather the powerful players in a squad which comes from the different league. While, how can we build a perfect Series A Squad in FUT? Now, let’s have a try!

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Formation: 3-4-1-2
Centre Forward:Tévez(85)、Higuaín(84)
Attacking Midfielder: Vidal(85)
Midfield: Gervinho(81)、 Pogba(83)、Pirlo(84)、Cuadrado(83)
Defender: Vidic(83)、Chiellini(84)、Barzagli(83)

Tévez can play as striker and attacking midfielder. He also represented the Argentina Olympic team join the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, helping the team won the champion as well as won the tournament top scorer with eight goals. His dribbling and controlling technology are extremely well, outstanding balanced capacity are most similar with the Maradona. In FIFA 15, physical fitness is particularly important, he is a very strong striker.

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Higuaín is one of Argentina football player who has French nationality, positioning in striker, winger, who played for Real Madrid and other clubs, now playing for Serie A Napoli Football Club and the Argentine national team. He is a quick forward play running off the ball, always appear in the correct position in front of goal. The sensitive positional sense brings a lot of opportunities, if you can grasp these opportunities, you will be able to beat his opponent easily.

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Since Vidal joined Juventus is rapidly becoming the main players and help the team win three successive championships in 2012,2013,2014 season. Fast speed, jumping well, accurate passing and excellent shooting can make up for this weakness, we can control him play a lot of good assistance!

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