The Detailed Analysis of FUT Most Popular Formations

As we all know, In FIFA 15, there are 25 formations in total. Which one is your favorite? And today we will show you the most popular 6 formations.

TOP 1:4222
Two CDM allow you not to worry about the opponents’ counterattack. You can make a long ranged shot with 2 CM. Pick up one of the CM with high speed. This formation can be said “total football”, 6 players for defense and 6 players for attacking. There is a leveling feeling about the player collocation. The tactic of every location varies from person to person, such as two CDM, a MM and a MH.


TOP 2:41212(2)
It is quite similar to the line-up 4321, but there is a CDM in this formation, which will make the defense more stable. Two CM will make an opportunity for shooting. Pick one of CM with high shooting speed. Every location has a player. Therefore, this is an balanced team.

fifa formation

TOP 3:4231
It is an arrow-shaped formation. Most players are concentrated on the midfield. The defense is quite strong with two CDM. As for attacks, there are 3 CAM and a ST. The distance between players is quite similar to the ball-passing way of Barca.


TOP 4:433(4)
It is a very strong offensive team, because it has two CM and no CDM. In this line-up, each player will occupy a relative large space. It will bring wiggle room for the players who have excellent Skill Moves. This formation is quite fit for faster attacking. The disadvantage is no CDM. Therefore, I suggest that you can place a CDM on the CM.

fifa 15

Top 5:352
The two benefits of this formation are that you can have two CDM. The location in front you want can be met by utilizing CDM and CM. Although it is not easy to play on the wing, 352 is a almighty formation and every location has player to defend. Furthermore, in the midfield, there are a lot of players gathering here. If the opponents want to attack your team in the midfield, it will become quite hard. If you take HH as your winger, your defense will be enhanced. The only shortcoming is that the three backs will be helpless when they confront with through balls.

fifa 15

Top 6: 4321
This formation is quite strong due to its good offensive capability and perfect midfield controlling capability. The 6 players in the front can be the attacking part. In them, LF, RF can be taken as the strikers, but the defense of 4321 is quite weak. If you want to chase back in the midway, it will be quite difficult. Generally speaking, a drop pass will make the opposite striker confronting the back in your side.

fifa formation

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