Trading method for people who don’t have a ton of coins

Hey everyone! This was going to be a comment reply within the Market Advice thread but its so long that I figured it would be good to make it its own post. This is a method I have used since the beginning of FUT that has worked out pretty well for me thus far in 15. Here goes!

fifa 15 player

Research a few different players, preferably someone you can afford to have 20-30 of (without financially crippling you–unless you dont need the coins for anything) at any given time:
1) Find their lowest BIN using
2) At what price point to people seem to be bidding at? For example–Muntari (Serie A CDM) – his lowest BIN on psn is 750, and if you do a search for him on the transfer market, it seems like most people (or bots) are bidding between 600-650. If there is some wiggle room between the bidding point and lowest BIN, this could be a good option for mass bidding. If not, you might have to try a different player.
3) Conduct a new search using MAX PRICE (not max BIN) at the price point you discovered in point 2. If you get a lot of results, go ahead and mass bid on the results at the price point from point 2. Bidding at this price will ensure the other person/people mass bidding don’t just outbid you–sometimes they will anyways but that might just mean you have to raise your bid price a tiny bit. Most of the time though, if you can lock in a bid at the price they are also bidding at, it will discourage them from bidding on that particular player all together. If you find that you are being outbid before you can enter your bid, try advancing a page or two–there might be someone bidding at the same time.
4) The more you bid on, the more you will win. List the players you win a little above lowest BIN–use your own discretion. If my player is 1k or less, I want to be making at least 100-200 coins profit on them. At the 5k range maybe 500-600 coins profit, and so on and so on. Do not fall under the impression that people only buy at lowest BIN. There are tons of lazy players who will not put the effort into searching for the lowest price and that is where YOU capitalize. This is where having 20-30 listed at the same time comes to your advantage–you are able to bump up the price a bit and gain what traders refer to as “page dominance” – meaning the players you have listed will span multiple pages of search results. So for Muntari, I would try to win bids between 600-650, and list for between 800-850.
5) As players sell, continually replenish with new ones to keep the profit flowing.

Things to remember:

  •  Check the market prices daily and adjust accordingly
  •  To absolutely minimize your risk, search for players you can win around discard price.
  •  If you ever need to liquidize these players or if they dont seem to be selling as well as you would like (this method does require a bit of patience) you can always sell at lowest BIN for a minimal, if not zero, loss since you initially bought below market price
  •  If you have about 30 listed, hopefully you will be able to sell at least 3-5 per cycle–YMMV though. Like I said, patience is key. Don’t be too greedy or else your sell rate will decrease tremendously.
  •  The more popular the player, the more quickly he will sell. The trick is finding a player that is popular enough to sell consistently, but not TOO popular to the point that people are constantly outbidding you before you can make a bid.
  •  This is just one method of getting a continuous flow of profit going. Once you build up a more substantial amount of coins, you can try to combine it with other methods such as IF trading and what not.
  •  Let me know if this makes sense or if you have any questions I’m more than happy to help!

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