Game guide about Pirates guide Corsair and Buccaneer

Cannoneers: That counter. Be careful when you go against Cannoneers as they can reflect back your damage at a 35% rate and not get hurt. Monkey Madness can also deal huge amounts of damage like F/P’s Mist Explosion and has a chance to stun too. Monkey Militia and Anchors away are also powerful summons that hits at a quick rate against you. They can also stun you too. Update: Their adverse drove has been nerfed to 8% in pvp but their 4th job adverse accomplishment still charcoal 15%. All calm is 23% adventitious of adverse now. Cannon Bazooka is aswell a alarming accomplishment now that it can hit 4 times with a accumbent ambit agnate to Flame wheel, it has a 5 additional cooldown, luckily.
Corsair: Another squishy clas soon as that shouldn’t be really threatening to you. Their Air strike ultimate does a decent amount of damage though. If you have mount lag, going against them will be tough. Update: Air Strike is removed and replaced with Nautilius ship ultimate. You won’t have to worry about mount lag now that their mount is removed. Their rapid fire and new mob skill can hit a pretty decent amount but they’re still pretty squishy. Kill them quickly~ They’ve improved alot.

Buccaneer: A rather slow clas soon as that takes a lot of control to be good in PvP. They have medium-high damage attacks but really slow. Their snatch and demolition should be the skills you have to watch out for.Once they get out of their annihilation invincibility, just spam Illusion on them. Like corsairs, they’ve bigger alot too. Buccaneers now has continued ranged abilities such as their laser accomplishment and 1v1 accomplishment octopunch. Their acquiescent alleviate accomplishment can aswell balance 8% hp and mp every 4 seconds.

Mechanics: They have a lot of summons that can hurt you alot as well as their damage reflect skill. They can also summons bots that heals their HP and amplifies their damage by 15%. Laser and siege mode can also deal high amounts of damage but doesn’t have much vertical range. Just do jump attacks or telecasting around them with Illusion etc. With the new pvp update, any high funded damagers that hits clas soon ases with some kind of damage reflect skill will return mas soon asive damage to you. Mechanics are able to reflect 100% damage back to you.