Game Guide about Mercedes and Bowmaster skill

Mercedes: They have excellent mobility and avoid. Earthquake should be able to catch them when they’re on top of you. Killer Wings is another option too. If you can time and locate where and when they’ll fall to, cast illusion on them.

Bowmaster: They’re not the best class in PvP and really squishy. You should not really have a problem with killing them. But their new Arrow rain accomplishment has a antic 20% adventitious to amaze for one second, so be accurate about that. You can aswell hit their boob for added points

Marksman: Their Snipe skill does heavy damage against you and so does their main skill “Ultimate Strafe”. I’d recommend attacking and jumping around them since their skills don’t really have much vertical range. They can be very sneaky by using piercing arrow from afar into busy mobs. Flame caster should bolt them easily. Arrow Eruption is aswell actual annoying now that it has a 20% adventitious to allowance you for 4 seconds. Hit their boob for added credibility too

Wild Hunters: You would barely see any of them in PvP, not to be mean to them or anything but they’re one of the worst class at the moment in PvP. Squishy and low damage attacks. Their mount lag could be one of their deadliest skill