Overlooked catch skills and badge benefits – 2K23

The catch skill is essential in the NBA 2K game, but players often ignore it because it seems too ordinary. In the following analysis and test, we will tell players how to correctly use the catch technique to improve the shooting success rate and the badge analysis that this technique needs to match.

The badge analysis link will involve some content about player attribute points. If your points need to be increased, you can participate in challenges or tasks in the game. After completing them, you can get some rewards, including 2K23 MT, some of which can be used to upgrade the property’s VC.

Which shot will the player choose?
In all 2K games, people rarely shoot off the dribble, almost always catch and shoot, either get a lane to the rim or pass off the dribble, and most of the players never really look for ways to create space, Usually, jump shot with good team passing and off ball movement, so catch and shoot usually!

How to improve catch & shoot skills?

  1. Turn off the shot meter and use the jump shot animation to make shooting easier.
  2. If not in a rush, finish the catch animation before taking the shot so that the flow will be consistent.

Why should the catch animation be completed first?
If you shoot straight away, it will mess up your timing because the actual timing will start earlier without you knowing. After all, the shot meter is off. One more reason is that just in case your stamina is not full, at least you will have the time to restore it fully,

How to catch the ball better on the move

I wanted to move to the corner, but this guy here might pass me the ball at any point. Hence, as I move off the ball, I hold the L2 button, so if he passes me the ball, there’ll be a huge chance that I’ll get better catch animation if you are left-handed. If you want to shoot at the corners might as well take the right side, and if you’re right-handed, take the left side. For those of you who don’t usually know, your jump shot drifts to your weekend side for a bit, which means if you are left-handed as you shoot, you will slightly drift towards your right-hand side, and that will take away some of the challenges I call that sideway movement a side drift.

Recommended Badges
I think the most important badges are caught and shoot and Claymore, followed by Green Machine, clutch shooter, Corner specialist, and volume shooter, which can be matched according to personal preference.

Catch-and-shoot rewards unlocked

Three-Point Shot0 – 60728193

As you can see from the test results above, if you like to shoot catch-and-shoot 3s, the Silver rating is the best investment.

Claymore Earnings Unlocked

Three-Point Shot0 – 55697686

This badge only needs to be kept at the bronze level. Please use it together with the green machine and corner specialist.

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