8 Tips For Building In NBA 2K23

8 Tips For Building In NBA 2K23

One of the first things we need to do when we enter NBA 2K23 is to build a player of our own. So how do we build an NBA 2K23 player? Here we’ll give you some tips on how to build one of the best players in NBA 2K23.

Build according to your game style

There are several different player positions on the NBA 2K23 court, and we can choose which player we need to build according to our game style. Then you can determine the attributes of the player based on the tasks that different players are responsible for. For example, if you are not good at dribbling to get open, then you don’t want to build a shooting type of body type. As long as you have ball-handling shooting and high passing accuracy, you’ll be a point guard. Don’t build at a position you are not familiar with unless you plan to improve tenfold on that build.

Plan your build

You need to plan your build carefully and intentionally, which means you need to know what badges you want to earn and what the animation requirements are for the particular build you want to execute. Taking a lot of time to plan our builds before we do them can save us from many mistakes.

Know the attribute cap

Attributes are capped in all games, and they are no different in NBA 2K23. You can do a quick build with small stuff just to know the attribute cap on your dribble and dunk, know how high you need to dribble to get any size, escape package, signature combo, and know the cap you need to reach to get the content you need. So make sure you know the attribute cap when we do NBA 2K23 player builds.

Build with your teammates

If you have teammates in NBA 2K23, then you must build with your teammates. You can build the best lineup for your team together with your teammates. For example, let your friend who is good at dribbling build the guard lineup while you build the lockdown lineup. You can have discussions with your teammates to determine the players for each, creating a build that will play with these builds cooperatively or in tandem.

Compare your badge with your opponent

Compare your badge to another player you are playing against. When you enter the tester or MyCareer, go ahead and see what types of players you can use. Keep this in mind, these comparisons with badges, attributes, and every single thing that 2K must offer go a long way toward you understanding the type of build you are making. If you can push Jayson Tatum out of the way but not Giannis, go to the main menu and the Bucks roster and see what kind of defensive badges and attributes Giannis has that will prevent you from playing him things, even weight or height may play an important role.

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Keep your position in mind when making your build

If you want to play point guard, but you are a point guard, then you will play the point guard position based on who is on the team. Now in some cases, 2k will place you at a secondary position, but for the most part, its system will do its best to prioritize that primary position. 2k doesn’t tell us how positioning pickups work in their system, so that leaves us to play around and figure it out. Other factors like weight and even other attributes can come into play, but for the most part, we would recommend picking a position you want to play, depending on your team, which doesn’t change the rules of the game, but if you use random numbers a lot then we would consider that.

Know which animations you have

Once we’ve finished the basic build of a player it’s time to go to the animation store and buy an animation. Of course, this may require a lot of 2K23 MT, and you can either get the required currency in the game or choose to buy it. Now all you can do is make a virtual build or the build you want and then go to the animation store and look at the limits of the different animations before giving him a VC. These will change the way you play, so you want to make sure you can equip everything you’re looking for.

Don’t do multiple builds when you first start

Don’t do multiple builds at the beginning of the game, we need to wait a while to find faults in the build. It should be expected that some errors will occur after the game starts and then the game will change. If you make multiple builds, then you need to make changes to those builds. If you have only one build, then you only need to modify one, which can be done very quickly.

In the beginning, we can use the build tester for builds, which allows us to test before the official build in the game. With these tests, you will have a better idea of what badges should be put in and how to tweak or improve your build.