How to Shoot With Shot Meter in NBA 2K21?

Today, we will help you know how the new shot meter works and teach you how to shoot using the new shot meter in NBA 2K21 so you can have more makes than misses. Also, we can offer cheap mt 2k21, transactions are safe and fast, most orders will be delivered immediately.

What is the Shot Meter?

Shot Meter

The shot meter is a visual guide where you can base your shot timing to execute better releases. The shot meter shows once you go into a shooting motion whether it is a jump shot or any form of shot driving to the basket like a layup. Your goal is to have it as close to the middle as possible to get an excellent release. It will turn green if you manage to do it perfectly and will most likely make the shot go in.

The difficulty adjusts the shot meter too. If you play in the Hall of Fame, it will drastically increase the difficulty with the shot meter and you may rarely see the green for excellent releases. The shot meter is also unique with the layup or finishes in the paint. It also shows when you attempt free throws which are like shooting a normal jump shot.

The release with the shot meter is extremely quick because the shot meter does not start until your player has the right position to release the shot.

How to use the shot meter in NBA 2K21?

Before this, you could push the shot stick in any direction of your choice and shoot. Now, however, you can only shoot by pushing the stick straight down or by pressing the shoot button. So what should we do?

NBA 2K21 Shot Meter

1. How to use NBA 2K21 shot meter with controller button?

In the older version of the shot meter, you filled up the empty meter whenever you took a shot. With the updated version of the shot meter, you will have to carefully time your release for wherever the grey-colored part of the meter turns up on every shot. This is, of course, referring to when you use the shoot button, not the shot stick. You need to be observant when you set forth a shot because the shoot button tends to revolve around timing your shots heavily.


1). Press Square on the PS4 controller or press the X button on Xbox One controller. This begins the shooting motion. You’ll see the shot meter appear above your player.

2). Release the Square/X button as the moving “tick” line on the meter is close to or right on the thin dark line in the shaded/color area of the shot meter.

2. How to use the NBA 2K21 shot meter with the Pro Stick?

Coming to the shot stick, you do not have to time your shots or even release them at all. What matters more here is your precision. When you use the shot stick to make your shots, pull it directly downwards and make sure that the yellow line lies as close as possible to the center of the grey area of the shot meter. The quality of your shot depends on the accuracy of this position.


1). Hold down the Right Stick on your game controller. This begins the shooting and brings up the shot meter above your player. The moving line will start somewhere near the middle of that shaded/color area on the meter.

2). You can use the Right Stick to aim your shot. While holding the Right Stick down, press it towards the right or left to aim.

3). You still need to line up the shot meter as shown in the screenshot above, but the Right Stick makes you aim your shot more. Basically, you have to be quick in terms of making your movements with the Stick to get things right.

4). After you take your shot, you’ll get an on-screen note of where the shot meter was. It will tell you if your shot was early, late, to the right, left, or centered, depending on the shot method you used.

How to Change the Shot Meter in NBA 2K21?

Here, we’ll explain where you need to go to change the shot meter in NBA 2K21.

change shot meter

1. Turn off Shot Meter in NBA 2K21

If you want to change the shot meter you have a couple of different options. You will need to head into the controller settings from the main menu and then scroll down to the “Shot Meter” options. Here you will find that you can have the shot meter on or off, and you can change it to free throws only.

2. Where to Change Shot Meter Settings

You can change the shot meter settings in the controller settings menu. This can be found in the game’s main title screen under the “Features” section. You can also change the shot meter options at other spots as well. During a game, you can change the shot meter on and off by heading into the pause menu and choosing Options > Controller Settings. Just about every mode will allow you to change and edit your controller settings similarly.

That’s all you want to realize how to shoot using the new shot meter in NBA 2K21, and we hope now that you can get a lot out of the shot meter when the game starts. Of course, visit here for more NBA 2k21 shooting guides.