MapleStory: Decide The Ending Of Secret Story

How to take control of the story and decide the endings!

Start the quest by clicking the Secret Stories notifier located within the star event notifier on the left side of the screen.

I will be making a flow chart for all pathways. On parts 1-6 it’s just dialog and the answers you choose will not affect anything beyond part 6.


In ‘The Henesys Haunting’, Chief Stan requests help to investigate the strange sightings that have been reported around Henesys. Dig deeper and figure out what’s really going on!

In ‘Maid to Order’, investigate the threats made to Phantom’s life and discover the secrets kept by all parties involved. Who are your enemies? Who are your allies? There are some things only a Master Thief may know…

In ‘The Snow Child’, investigate the sightings of the Snow Monster that’s terrorizing a small village. Where did this beast come from? Why is it attacking?

On parts 1-6 it’s just dialog and the answers you choose will not affect anything beyond part 6.

It’s just a little thing, but in ‘Maid to Order’ the choices you make can influence very minor text changes in subsequent parts of the story. Namely, the initial versus later suspects you discuss with Christiane. For example, on my main I chose to suspect Mont Blanc, and when asked later down the line still said Mont Blanc, so Christiane says something along the lines of “You stayed true to your convictions”. On my bishop account, I chose to say Pie, then switched to Choux, and Christiane comments that it is “not the same girl [I] initially suspected”. It doesn’t affect the branching of the story, but your choices do have smaller impacts on the way the story is presented to you.

Story Spoilers incoming, for those who want to play through the story blind
I don’t know if you need help with the second story, but here’s some branching info I’ve gotten so far:

In Part 6, you are required to make a choice to believe Pudding or say it’s suspicious.

Trust Pudding leads you to 7-1, in a small cutscene where you have a converation with just her.
Saying it’s suspicious leads you to 7-2, in a small cutscene where you announce to all 4 maids that you suspect everybody.

Either way, they lead you to the same story in Part 8 where you check everyone’s belongings.

In Part 9, you are required to make a choice about the maid you suspect.
Choosing Mont Blanc leads you down 10-1
Choosing Pudding leads you down 10-2
Choosing Choux leads you down 10-3
Choosing Pie leads you down 10-4

In Part 11-1, you need to select whether to let Anais run or not.

Letting Anais go gives you the 12-1 ending.
Keeping Anais gives you 12-2.

In Part 11-4, you need to select whether to tell Phantom the truth about Pie’s identity or not.

Keeping the secret gives you 12-3.
Telling Phantom gives you 12-4.

That’s what we know so far. Want more maplestory guide? Check back for more maplestory tips that will help you improve your game!