Maplestory Basics guide for players


While training is often long and tedious, it pays off in the long run if you can stick to it, because the higher your level, the more there is to do. Want to become good at MapleStory? All it takes practice and a few helpful tips.
1.When you aboriginal alpha MapleStory mesos, you are accustomed the advantage to accept the job you want. The jobs currently accessible are Explorers, Cygnus Knights and the Resistance. Dual Blades, Cannoneers, all 5 Heroes (Aran, Evan, Mercedes, Phantom and Luminous), the Nova (Kaiser and Angelic Buster), the Sengoku Classes Kanna and Hayato (JMS and KMS only), and Demon Slayers are aswell available, but are bound time classes. Korean players accept admission to two classes; Xenon, a Thief/Pirate amalgam and Demon Avenger, a aftereffect of the Demon Slayer.

2 .Find a adequate abode to train. A adequate abode has a lot of monsters that are at atomic 3 – 5 levels beneath you. If your akin is beneath 10, there will not be any monsters with low abundant levels, so just alternation on snails and mushrooms on Maple Island. Due to the contempo patches on the game, new, tougher monsters accept apparent up on Maple Island. If you wish to be a Warrior, you may wish to alternation on them.

3.Familiarize yourself with your character. It will yield some balloon and absurdity to ascertain your character’s advance range, jumping height, etc. Once you become accustomed with the basics, try to apprentice added avant-garde tricks, such as how to contrivance a monster that is block you by axis about and jumping at the aforementioned time.

4 .Customize your controls. You use the abrasion and keyboard to cross MapleStory. While the absence keys may be acceptable, you ability be able to advance your bold by alteration them. A adequate keyboard blueprint optimizes all of your skills.

Movement abilities (ex. Flash Jump) should be put at the X key. This is because it’s abutting to ALT, which is the amplitude bar. You don’t charge the Sit button for MapleStory.

Put your capital advance accomplishment on the amplitude bar. Also, put added abilities you use on the lower allotment of your keyboard.

5.Join or alpha a guild. To alpha a brotherhood you will charge 100k mesos, and you’ll accept to allocution to the brotherhood NPC (Non Playable Characters) (found in towns). If you actualize a guild, you become the brotherhood adept or leader. Again you may allure others, etc. You can aswell aces a logo of sorts, and deliver altered titles to members. Membership in a brotherhood helps you accomplish friends, who you can again calmly acquisition and contact. Accompany can advice you with questions you may accept or can go on quests with you. Plus, hey, it’s adequate to accept friends.

6.Try accomplishing some quests, as they sometimes accord you good, attenuate items. Even admitting quests generally accord you little experience, they are a adequate breach from training all day long.

7.Understand the Hidden Abeyant system. Sometimes if a monster drops equipment, the accessories may accept a red border. You can go to a abundance and buy accumulative glasses. Use the bottle on the accessories to get the potential. If you don’t like the potential, you can use Miracle Cube and change the stats. If you’re lucky, your item’s abeyant may advancement to the next tier. You may get chargeless Miracle cubes from Hot Time or buy them in aggregate in the Cash Shop.

8.Try application Nebulites (GMS). If you alternation in top collapsed places, monsters may bead a box with a accessory on it. Go to the USE area and bang on the box to acknowledge the Nebulite. You can go to a boondocks and pay an NPC to assignment a aperture in your equipment, so you can attach the Nebulite to your equipment.