Why do players still have a special liking to MapleStory

Maplestory Mesos
Maplestory Mesos

For beginners, the novice task for familiar with the game, the accumulation of the initial capital are very helpful. This game of novice task system from the perspective of real player, patience and meticulous instructions and interesting test let every new join players familiar with the game soon. For advanced other players, each level has a corresponding task and rewards. To allow players and the monster of battle feel surprise windfall. The game is designed special only team to complete tasks, captain and players appear to cooperate, can pass all the way to get to the final destination.

When in creating a character in addition to gender difference, every character and eyes (3 kinds), hair style (3 kinds: crew cut, long hair, in points), weapons (3 kinds, professional and difference), pants (2 kinds: blue, brown), shoes (4 kinds: red, yellow, blue, and black) and ornaments, make the wonderful combination. If you wanna be more beautiful you can use the Maplestory Mesos to buy dress-up and clothes. Cheap Maplestory Mesos starts to make a difference, and costume can fully present in the game, even if small adorn article picture of players can see clearly.

When a brave soldier or a striker is, can put on clothing and Buy Maplestory Mesos. Each professional cloth in the modeling, color is different. Even making the same job you also can choose what you like suit, pants, earrings, shoes. They are fond of according to the player who can create hundreds of thousands of characters. If the player was not satisfied, but also through the beauty salon or mall and other professional technology, completely change the role of appearance; let each player become the protagonist of the unique game.

The game becomes more popular already a long time of paper doll (AVATAR) cross system. It makes the player character greatly increased and the degree of freedom is dressed up. You also can follow one’s inclinations dress up player imagine the role character.