MapleStoryer Mesos get Christmas promotion for free

Maplestory Mesos
Maplestory Mesos

Hi all! Christmas is coming. In order to show our appreciation to all your support in the past years, we have decided to launch a promotion for the Xmas and New Year. You can check the promotion details below:
Promotion Time:
2013.12.20-2014.1.05 PST
Promotion Content:
1. Buy 2000M Mesos in One Order – Get Extra 50M Mesos For Free.
2. Buy 10K Nexon Cash in One Order – Get Extra 10M Mesos For Free.
3. Buy 10000M Mesos Totally during Promotion Time – Get another Extra 100M Mesos For Free.
If you meet the 1st or 2nd requirement, we will deliver the extra free mesos instantly.
If you meet the 3rd requirement, please contact to claim your free extra mesos.
Click Here to Start Buying and Enjoy the Free Maplestory Mesos!
Merry Christmas!