We Grow Together and MapleStory 6 Years

How time flies. It has been six years since we played Maplestory.In these six years,we had felt much happiness and sadness together.But we grow to maturity and from the green hand to the expert. The six years has changed our looks except that we are still the players of Maplestory.In the activity of “We all grow up”,we can conclude that every familar one has a story of Maplestory to share with us. Grow up The ignorant boy has been grew up to be a big hansome and confident boy .It is Maplestory that accompanies us to have a good time in our childhood.buy Maple Story mesos.We learn perseverance and cooperation .What’s more ,Maplestory helps us know more about the meaning of growing up.In life,we grow up to be stronger just like the role we play in the game. Now Maplestory has released Big Bang.All the old contents have been changed.Even though six years has been past,Maplestory never stop its moving pace. We can say that this update is remarkable.We will come across a constant challenge during the progress of our growth..However,we believe that as soon as we aren’t afraid to challenge ourselves and look beyond ourselves, we can conquer any difficulties just like Maplestory Big Bang Love Six years ago,he was single.It is a sweet memory to meet her in the Maplestory.In the progress of the adventure, they finally get married from acquaintances, to love, to bosom friend.The common experience in the game is a catalyst to help the lovers get married.In the past six years since Maplestory was operated ,we has witness lovers in the game.Maplestory gives us many sweet memories and we will keep the memories in our mind.