How To Get Past Maps In Path Of Exile

In Path of Exile, suppose you’ve been playing for quite a while, and you have an RF berserker with cruel ascendancy completed and 4500 life with 80+ fire res but you still cannot even complete tier six maps. You don’t understand and you want to complete shaper eventually but every time you make a character it just sucks so bad you keep dying. What should you do?

You should prioritize more life. Get some better gloves, the ones you have are giving you only 20 life, you can easily get some with 70+ life and a lot of res for probably chaos. Bear in mind that having enough poe orbs is not bad for you.

Path of Exile

Replace your rings. Get 70+ life and enough res, should only be a chaos or so each. Maybe get one with space to craft lightning to attacks if your new gloves don’t have it. Replace your belt. 90+ life and 80+ res should only be a couple chaos.

Replace your amulet, probably with a marble base. You could try essence crafting with screaming essences of anger for the phat +% fire damage, and try and get something with some life/res.

Also, just do easier maps. Finish all of your tier 1-5 maps, then move on. Lastly, get that ascendancy done. Pay someone a chaos in global 820 to carry you if you need to, but straight up 40% more damage will very much make up for some of the damage you’ll sacrifice in your gear to get better survivability.

Switch inc critical strikes to inc aoe gem in your shield charge Fsetup. Move your warcry to your shield. Replace leap slam with a cwdt linked to two utility skills. Molten shell, Immortal Call, Enfeeble, Temp Chains, or Ele weakness, for example. Run Merciless lab, or get a carry. Figure out how to improve your skill tree. Check RF guides.

Run lower tier maps to level up and gain some more poe currency. Figure out which of the maps you have run so far that are easiest/fastest for you. Run those as much as possible. Upgrade your gear a bit. Prio 1 is a 5 or 6-link. Tabula Rasa is a great item to have, and easy to resell. It will make your scorching ray easily destroy low tier content. Figure out what gear you want in endgame, buy poe items if they are cheap.