MapleStory: The Version 2 Bring Success In Vietnam

Normally, when an online game for the love of the majority community name, then go with the huge profits it brings, the NSX also more oriented to the development of titles into a cult brand chain. This is quite understandable in the gaming market, but they also have to admit that not all games are launched when “Part 2” also bring success as expected.

Nevertheless, there are still names Vietnamese gaming community dedicated a lot of love for the product whether it has really impressed or not, simply because they are names that contributed reminiscent memories “ferocious” of a hoe plow absorbed titles have become legendary.

Maple Story 2 is a MMORPG game genre, this is a full 3D version was developed based on 2D graphics game MapleStory had made headlines in Vietnam as well as international markets. MapleStory 2 possesses an enhanced gameplay freedom and comfort for players of all levels, with cute graphics, eye-catching with many wearing costumes excellence, diversity of styles, genres.


The game allows players to get a close-up of the character actions such as climbing, running and jumping to explore the world here in any way you want. This is the common characteristic elements of the series Maple Story and was the perfect successor 3D graphics platform of Maple Story 2.

With the unlimited character IP, version Maple Story 2 launched in China in March last is a great opportunity for the gaming community over Vietnam are continuing “review of old memories “with the adventures of dwarf mushroom day.

Besides, Nexon will probably launch Maplestory 2 for US sometime in 2016 and in the same month of November.