Appealing prices  in Maplestory

A final mistake for pricing is to price items at whole numbers. That entire “99,999 mesos is more than 100,000 mesos due to tax” thing doesn’t really matter, to be honest (and it doesn’t matter at all to buyers, who aren’t the ones losing money due to tax!). However, it’s so ingrained in people’s minds that you’re a lot better trying to sell something at 1,299,999 instead of 1,300,000, even if there is no tax difference.

Arranging your items
The most efficient way to arrange your shop.

The rule here is to group the same stuff together and to loosely follow this order:
Most expensive (usually scrolled or cubed) godly equips/weapons at the top

Less expensive items
From the most demanding and expensive items at the beginning of the store(to be prominent) to the less expensive, then to the cheapest items that place at the end of the store.
The things people pay most attention to are the first few items.
Obviously, you should put your most expensive items at the beginning and end of your store to attract attention.
Less obvious is the reason why scrolls are put in the middle. Scrolls are the most merchanted items in the game, no doubt about it. Merchants like myself and yourself look at scrolls for profit opportunities, so what better place to put them in the middle of a shop? If you were to put them at the beginning or end, you’d be wasting precious room that could be used to display scrolled items instead!