MapleStory Guide about Amoria PQ

Obtaining the Entrance Ticket:

Amos the Strong will give you an Entrance Ticket once every 6 hours provided you bring him 10 Lip-Lock Keys. Lip Lock Keys are acquired by defeating the special monsters found in Purplewood Forest I & II. However, you cannot have more than 1 Entrance Ticket your possession.

Be sure not to go inside before you have a full party. Once inside your ticket vanishes, and if you leave you waste a ticket and you’re stranded for another 6 hours.

Saving your Entrance Ticket:
Just because you get one doesn’t mean you need to use it. In fact if you save it for over 6 hours you can run two PQ’s in a row. Just use the ticket for the first Party Quest, then go gather 10 keys and receive another Entrance Ticket.
Not guaranteed to work.

Gathering the Adventures: (Opinionated Warning.)
The Amorian Challenge is one of the most challenging quests in MapleStory. You need a balance of wisdom and strength to successfully finish the quest (Or a guide!). As mentioned earlier, your party must consist of 6 members; both male and female, over level 40, and they must all be married. (You do not need to be married to each other, nor does your spouse need to be present). You only need at least 1 member of both genders (for instance 1 male and 5 females) but the first stage takes a little longer.

Party Composition recommendations:
While the monsters found inside the quest are not very strong, the boss is quite difficult (Level 95) and could easily wipe out a party that is not strong enough or ill-prepared. To assure victory against the boss I recommend bring members only over level 70 at least. A full party of 70+’s is would still be a challenge, but if you have enough time and resources and the right classes it could (eventually) be done.

Attacker classes like Hermits/Chief Bandits, Crusaders/Dragon Knights/White Knights, Rangers/Snipers, and Mages are a accept to and should be in the majority. Priests are advantageous but not necessary, so if your affair is not on the stronger ancillary (80+ average) you ability wish to sub a abutment chic for an antagonist one. However, if you can allow it a Priest may save you a lot of assets and lives at times; the bang-up can do a lot of accident bound and has top avoid, so Bless is a god-send.

Ranged classes like Hermits and Rangers/Snipers are actual advantageous at the bang-up for the map has a lot of platforms and the Geist Balrog can fly about the map with will. Non-ranged associates would accept a audible disadvantage.

Some basal attacks are actual abortive adjoin the boss, so at times Mages can be beneath effective, about they’re actual advantageous if the bang-up casts Super Defense.

Since the Amoria Challenge is limited to Married couples and you can only get a Entrance ticket once every 6 hours, it’s difficult to be selective with your party members at times. It’s important however to remember that you need both genders.

Starting the Quest:
Once you have a full party everyone should talk to Amos the Strong to be admitted into the waiting area. The leader should then enter and speak to Amos the Strong inside to be admitted. If the channel has another party trying to complete the quest, you may either wait or change channels until you find an open one.

Take care of all party business before entering, you cannot leave and come back inside because your Entrance Ticket is taken. Because of such, it’s wise to have your party leader stay outside until everyone is safely inside.