Social Engineering and Account Hacking from Game

There a lot of people, kids, in maple story that like to have online friends, or even have relationships deeper then that (nolife). You do not know that person, at all, in any way. The only thing you go on is what they tell you, it is so easy to trick you kids.Never trust anyone on the internet that you do not really know, you do not need to be paranoid or anything but don’t get into a relationship to involved. I can make someone who does not know me at all buddy me in 5 min and make them guild invite me in 15. I can walk up to someone anywhere and instantly become friends.

As I explained before, you can not get afraid from in-game. I aswell explained how the applicant works. In this allotment I will explain how you can not get afraid from in the game, it’s impossible.

People anticipate that you can get afraid if aside to or traded. To explain this, I looked at a few packets (legit). When the applicant sends the buzz packet, it sends the header, aforementioned as in all abstracts packets. After that it will forward the almsman and the bulletin that you are sending that person. Based on the recipient, the server will a lot of acceptable again forward a abstracts packet to the receiver. Nowhere in this accord to the two audience acquaint at all in any absolute way; the server does all that for them, as it should. In no way can a hacker corruption whispers.
Trades are similar. The client will send a packet for spawning a trade, the server will then most likely make a new object for that trade. An object is basically a data space reserved for a set of data containing properties and such. After that multiple packets are sent between the two clients and the server, but the two clients never directly interact in any way. A hacker can not abuse this relationship in any way either.

Surly you must think that the clients have a link when you are in the same map. Sadly, that is not true. There are packets for spawning the player, moving the player and just about everything you can think of. When coded properly, this does not lag at all. Look at google; it searches over 8000000000 pages every search in less than 1 second.