MapleStory Game guide Stage 1 Magik Mirror

Seems a Magical Mirror located near the center of the map is causing Amos some problems. Your task? Defeat all monsters and defeat a special Magik Fierry to acquire the Wing Hammer and smash the mirror.

If you’re Leading:

Once you’re warped inside the map immediately speak to Amos a few times; he will open 3 glowing portals nearby. One of the three portals leads to the bottom middle section; try each portal until you find the correct one. Once you’re in the average your affair needs to separate. The aperture to the larboard is alone attainable to changeable members, and additionally the aperture to the appropriate is alone attainable to buy Maple Story Mesos. Split up and plan to defeat all the monsters in your section.

Once all monsters on both sides are gone, head back to the middle area and talk to The Glimmer Man a few times. If everything is clear he will summon a Magik Fierry on top right-side of the males section. The Fierry can hover in any direction and float through walls, so it may end up anywhere. Once defeated the Fierry will drop the Wing Hammer. Whoever has the Wing Hammer should head to the middle area and take the portal to the center where the Magik Mirror is and drop the Hammer on the mirror. The mirror will eventually blast and bead a burst piece. You charge to aces this section up and bead aback down to area The Glimmer Man is and allocution to him to bright the map.

Once cleared jump through the shattered mirror and talk to Amos to enter stage 2.

Note: If the leader clicks on The Glimmer Man after clearing the stage he will warp all your party members to Amos; however this causes at times a lot of lag, and you DON’T want any of your members disconnecting.

If you’re a Member:

Once you are warped to stage 1 wait around until your leader opens three glowing portals. Find which portal that leads to the middle area. Once in the middle you need to head to one of two portals: go right if you’re a male, left if you’re female. Once you’re in your breadth you charge to annihilate every monster on your ancillary of the map.

Once both sides are done your leader will summon a Magik Fierry on the right, top side of the males section. Grab the Wing Hammer the Fierry drops and take it too the center of the map where the Magik Mirror is, via the portal next to the Glimmer Man. Drop the Wing Hammer on the mirror and let your leader pick up the shard it drops. Jump into the broken mirror and wait for the stage to clear, and then talk to Amos to be taken to stage 2.