MapleStory Game Guide Stage 4 Principle Formula

Now 4 slimes have spawned. Logically, you should know that since more Slimes have spawned than last time, platform 5 was incorrect. Keep following this formula: When 4 slimes spawn, the platform the Member on the bottom is standing on is correct, and when 3 slimes spawns it means that platform was incorrect. This is only one variable equation; there are abounding but they all administer the aforementioned principle, and that blueprint consistently works as continued as the one affiliate on the basal is affective across:
Principle Formula:

If more slimes spawn than the last combo: The platform he/she is on is Correct.

You can mark the Correct platforms with Mesos if you a visual aid to keep track. After you have marked all the correct platforms on the bottom, have your members from the right-side move down to occupy the lower platforms and talk to Amos once again. You may or may not Clear yet, since the platforms those associates larboard on the top may accept been correct, so accept the associates who abide on the top move to the right; again, application the aforementioned principle. Keep it up until the date Clears.
If you’re Leading:

Talk to Amos and direct your party members using the method described above. Be sure not to kill the Slimes too fast or miscount, and only move one person at a time.

If you’re a Member:

Everyone should occupy platforms 1-5 when the stage starts. The member who’s on the bottom should be moving to the right after every combo is checked. The members on the top row should not move until directed to do so. Remember not to annihilate any monsters until you’ve counted all the slimes.