MapleStory Guide Stage 3 Twisted Switcher

Stage 3 is yet another logic puzzle. (What happened to the PQ’s that were simply killing easy monsters and opening boxes anyways?) Stage 3 however is on the ground and consists of 9 platforms: 4 on the top row, 5 on the bottom row. To clear the stage you have to have 5 of your members standing on the correct platforms. The platforms in game are labeled strangely, but to avoid confusion I’ll simply number them as 1-9 starting on the top and going from left to right.

Have your party start on platforms 1~5.

The key to solving Stage 3’s puzzle is, again, talking to Amos. He won’t give you a verbal clue, but when the combo is incorrect monsters are summoned. Pay close attention to the Slimes: The amount of slimes that arise is the amount of actual platforms your affair associates are continuing on!

You have to employ a “Solve the Unknowns with the Knowns” strategy. For example, let’s imagine you have members standing on platforms 1-5 as shown below:

Lets brainstorm this aggregate spawns 3 slimes (3 actual platforms). Now, accept the affiliate on 5 move