MapleStory Game Guide Stage 5 Fluttering Hearts

The moment you clear Stage 4, you’ll be dropped right into Stage 5 and given the instructions “Run to the Right! Save yourself! Run run run!”. The moment you drop an assortment of monsters begin chasing you. Most all of them cause borderline harm and truly assist you avoid the volcanic rock shooting out of the bottom and keep you going quicker, however at the terribly back there is Rombards that intercommunicate ten,000+ harm. They inch therefore unless you opt to picnic within the middle of the map there is not an excessive amount of to stress regarding.

If you’re Leading:

Your jobs the same as your members; keep running and keep your HP up, and open the occasional gateway by hitting them with a weapon (skills don’t work). It’s a bit of a job but eventually you’ll climb the last hill. Once all your members are at the top click Amos once or twice to Clear the map and instruct your Party to do so as well. Next up: Geist Balrog.

If you’re a Member:

The only thing you need to do is keep running right, heal when you need too, and open the occasional gateway by attacking them (skills don’t work). Once you climb the ultimate hill sit up for your leader to Clear the stage and so discuss with Amos to be taken to the world before the Boss.