MapleStory game Mages about Battle Mages and F/P Archmages

Battle Mages: Just don’t get near them when they’re on invincibility mode. I’d just wait it out and charge at them as soon as their invincibility goes down. As for their chains, they can be easily dodged by jumping over it. If you get caught while jumping, you would just get pulled to the other side of the map to avoid them. New PvP update glitch for them, BEWARE. Their Twister Spin is glitched into draining every single bit of your mp in less than 5 hits. Even if their damage is low, this glitch makes your MP deplete at a tremendous amount. Thankfully, they have a difficult time teleporting with it at the moment, so just run away when they’re using twister.

F/P Archmages: Try to avoid their poison mist at all times and not get inside it. Their DoT are also deadly over time. I’d acclaim just spamming apparition and telecasting them. They can aswell allowance you at a 55% adventitious for 4 seconds.

I/L Archmages: They accept alot of moves that slows you down. Glacier Chain aswell stuns you temporarily. If you convenance jumping, you can contrivance their chains generally or just get chained to the added ancillary of the map to escape. They aswell accept a 55% adventitious to allowance you for 4 seconds.

Bishops: High defense, supportive and heavy attack skills. Their Dispel and Doom skills are one of the hardest things you’ll have to deal with, rebuffing and running away when you’re snailed. If you’re in a map with hazards (the fire thing from the ground) it dispels your snail form as well as DB’s Final Cut skill. Big Bang also dishes out a huge amount of damage when fully charged. They have a small invincibility move that guards up to 5 attacks. Imprint and Killer wings them to deal extra damage to them and just telecast around them. Update: You no best accept to abhorrence of getting bedevilled because the doom adventitious is alone 5% now c: Dispel adventitious was nerfed to 70% with a 10 additional cooldown and Heal now has a 30 additional cooldown instead of 15 seconds, so they won’t be as tanky