Diablo 4: Earn 22 Million XP and 45 Legendaries in one hour

If you’re a Diablo 4 player, you know that the ultimate goal is to become more powerful. This is achieved mainly by leveling up quickly and acquiring a plethora of Diablo 4 Legendary Items. Today, we will share a location and strategy that allows you to achieve both goals with incredible efficiency. This strategy is based on a new loot cave discovery that is yet to be touched by Blizzard. So, let’s dive in before it gets nerfed!

The Loot Cave: Ruins of Eridu
The loot cave of choice is actually a dungeon located in the Howazar region, specifically the Ruins of Eridu on the western side of the swamp. If you’ve never been to this area before, you can open your Codex of Power and click on the Sacrificial Aspect. This will pin the location on the map, guiding you to the dungeon.

Once you’re there, pop any elixirs you have for the 5% experience bonus they provide. Then, enter the dungeon and start running. You’ll encounter the first pack of enemies within the first few seconds. The beauty of this dungeon is the incredibly dense pack of monsters, including Elites.

The Strategy: Clear, Exit, Repeat
The strategy is simple: clear out the entire floor of enemies. The dungeon is essentially a circle with a line connecting it through the middle. You can choose either direction and wrap around the entire outside circle, clearing out all the enemies. The mob density here is insane, and that includes Elites as well.

Once you’ve cleared the floor, open your emote wheel and click the “leave dungeon” button. After you’ve loaded out, log out to character select, then log back into your character. You’ll be back in front of the dungeon, but the dungeon will be reset. Walk in and start the process all over again.

Incredible XP and Loot
The results of this strategy are impressive. Each run, averaging about a minute and 20 seconds, gives about 500,000 experiences and an average of one legendary. Extrapolating these numbers, you can gain about 22.5 million experience per hour solo and about 45 legendaries and/or unique per hour, too; there are also tons of Diablo 4 Gold.

More Efficiency
If you’re farming in a group, the process is even faster. Two people are the maximum for increasing efficiency. If you bring a second person, you can probably cut down the average time by 20 seconds, on top of also getting the group XP bonus. So, while 22.5 million is what you would get solo in a group, it can become a fair bit higher.

This new loot cave in Diablo 4 is incredibly efficient for gaining experience and acquiring legendaries and uniques in a short time. It’s a result of a design choice from Blizzard themselves, which was a response to criticism in the beta. So, enjoy this strategy while it lasts, and happy farming!