How to unlock the new agents to be released in COD MW3?

COD MW3 will be released soon, with over 25 new operators and unlockable challenges. Players can unlock these new characters by completing specific missions in the campaign mode, with some agents being unlocked as easily as completing the missions themselves to unlock Corso, Pathfinder, Jabber, and even the Dock.

Campaign preload and preseason
The anticipation for MW3 is palpable, and the good news is that early access preloads for the campaign are now live on all platforms. If you’ve pre-ordered digitally but don’t see the Early Access download prompt, navigate to the Manage Game Content section of your platform to get COD Mw3 boosting early.

Preseason will begin on November 10 and run until early December, with season one rumored to begin on December 6. When the game launches, players will start over with military ranks ranging from level 1 to level 55. Not only that, the new camouflage also needs to be polished by MW3 bot lobbies again. Your rank will not carry over despite your progress in MW2 – however, you can still complete your Season 6 Battle Pass during the preseason.

There is a glitch on the console rn where if you go into offline mode, it will let you play the campaign.

How many agents can players get?
Combined with the 62 operators currently available in MW2, players will have over 90 playable operators available on day one. This number is expected to grow as more operators are added over the six seasons of support. By the end of MW3 Season 6, players will likely have over 110 operators. However, players will not be able to transfer their entire operator inventory to future Call of Duty games.

Agent Unlocked
Price and Ghost: Available via the Nemesis reactive skin from the Vault Edition.
Blueprint and Rocket: Immediate unlocks on November 10.
Byline and Scorch: Unlocked after completing challenges in multiplayer and zombies, respectively.
Pathfinder and Warrior: Unlocked through campaign challenges and the COD Endowment pack.

Mission Challenge
BBQ: Kill an enemy affected by your Tactical grenade in a match.
Byline: Get three hip-fire kills with SMGs in a match.
Jet: Achieve five sniper kills in a game.

And that’s just the beginning. Each operator comes with a unique challenge that will test your skills and dedication.

The Lockpick operator is exclusive to PlayStation and is available to those who pre-ordered it on PlayStation. Meanwhile, the COD Donate Warrior Skin is another unique addition, with proceeds to support veterans.

COD MW3 is setting new standards for game content and player engagement. With many agents and challenges, players will have a lot to work towards.

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