FUT 22: Basic Fundamentals for Trading

These fundamentals will help you to start comfortable with trading in FUT. We look at all aspects of trading and which method is the right one for you to start.

Introduction to trading in FUT 22
Trading is about buying Ultimate Team cards at a cheap price and selling with profit after a certain time. Keep in mind, that EA is taking 5% taxes of your selling price at every transfer you make. So for example, if you sell something for 10.000 coins, your account will gain 9. 500 coins net. Along the day, the cards fluctuate in price because it depends on supply and demand which changes every moment. The publisher has an influence on the supply and demand due to content releases like SBCS where you get packs (supply) or need certain players to complete (demand).

The fluctuation of a whole week is mostly predictable due to events that come back on the same day of the week. For example Marquee matchups SBC, Rewards, or Weekend League. That’s where you can gain profits from the same pattern.

There are many different methods to make FUT 22 coins. AIl of them will help you reach your goals, if done correctly. Some of them rely on speculation, others on experience or simply work. We will explain to you all the popular trading methods on this application. I can recommend diving into the methods and collect some experience. Be aware of the risk and don’t be afraid to even lose FUT 22 coins. After you master one of the many trading methods, you’ll gain profits constantly, that’s for sure.

The needed input relies on the method of your choice and the work, which you are ready to bring to the table. It’s important to pick a method, which fits your daily routine and possibilities. That’s how you stay motivated and be successful in the long run.

There is a method for EVERY budget. The more budget you have, the more profits you can possibly gain. It’s a “snowball effect”. Keep in mind, that you can build your budget by simply playing the game and collecting rewards. At first, it’s important to build about 100.000 coins in order to trade efficiently. But it’s even possible to start with way less.

Risk and failures are part of trading in general. There is nobody out there who always wins. I recommend gaining experience of failures to know better at the next try. Before you start a move, be aware of the risk. Don’t set everything on one card and always have a backup plan. That’s important to keep your motivation. Failures are human. Keep on grinding.

Different methods need different patience. At some methods it’s already known, when you can expect a possible profit. At others, for example, overpriced selling, it’s simply impossible to know how much you’ll gain and when you’ll gain profit. Patience is very important if you’re into trading. If something goes out of control or is different as expected, don’t sell while everyone panics. That’s where the market drops way lower than he will stay in the next hours. Be patient during panic and even if you lose on a trade, make sure to sell after the market rebounds from the panic which needs several hours.

Selling in the hype
There is a possibility to minimize your risk while selling during the hype. If you invest in a certain card where you expect a possible profit on day X, you could sell one day earlier for less profit but at least without risk. It’s up to you, but at some trades, it’s very recommended to sell during hype because even if something happens like it was expected, the outcome could be less than selling in the hype. You could sell 50% in the hype and hold your other cards until the end as well. Your trade, your risk, your profit and& last but not least: Your decision!

That’s quite a lot for the beginning, but paying attention to these fundamentals is key to trading successfully. Try many things in order to collect experience & don’t lose your motivation on bad trades. That’s part of the process of becoming a good trader.