Players for Maplestory view of the world

Maplestory Mesos
Maplestory Mesos

Players will trip down a street of finding, selecting different routes of progression as they improvement through different tasks. All Dual Blade figures will be part of a key company of criminals designed by Syl, the dead Black Lord’s little girl, and will have access to the Secret Garden conference position. Syl’s hate for the heir to her dad’s position as Black Master has motivated the development of this key company and gamers can now be a part of her in her objective to avenge his loss of life.

Set in the present action world there are two: MapleStory world. Ai Lier developed by the goddess, the encounter is the player the main world. Glen Curtis. Designed by the Ober Hill, Caesar and Angels destroyer’s country, with awesome team, there is a supernova, wood Repsol, Hai Repsol, Anima and other credentials minutes. Timber Hai Repsol Repsol and most increasing, the most sacred supernova outstanding competitors, while Anima is aloof peace-loving competitors, community wood created Repsol has been due to “life-transcendence” Hai Repsol Fashionable stylish elegant royal prince – Daer Mo and die. Now begin “Pantheon supernova Sanctuary” and “He causes seats Mother” two series of maps.

Smashes in the second aspect has several globe’s, each has its creators, as well as three “immortal transcendence” and several “must remove the transcendence MapleStory Mesos.” There are three long durable transcendence, namely: way of way of way of lifestyle, light, time.

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