MapleStory Slip’s Music Database

Time for a revamped database dedicated to the music of MapleStory. The entire collection has been regrouped three times, into three separate databases. The databases include all of the tracks, but each database is organized in a different way. After the three main databases, you will also find smaller groups of music which have a common theme. These groups will not include all of the tracks and are aids to helping you find songs faster.

Keep in mind of the legend when you’re browsing:

Red: This track was never used or is no longer used in the game. It may or may not still exist in the game data. Tracks from retired areas and areas that are temporarily/permanently closed also fit this description. Event areas do not fit this description. For login themes, the active track is generally the one being used by KoreaMS (and the majority of other versions).

Green: This track is a duplicate of another track which dates before the existence of the track in question.

All tracks can be found on Skydrive (iTCG Online tracks are in a separate folder). You can download single sound tracks from that location. All tracks are also posted on YouTube (what the links here direct to).

All tracks on Skydrive will include their in-data names, while most tracks on YouTube retain their in-data names (some exceptions include dual-usage tracks, ie. Neo Tokyo/Neo City). Any spelling mistakes within the song’s in-data name is at the expense of Nexon.

Please make a note in this thread if any descriptions are wrong or if any songs are missing.