How dou you play MaoleStory

Pure green 120 black knight.How to play this game.How do I feel in addition to jumping in the market,there is no chance to play?

Some people call me slapstick.Well this proposal actually quite good,has singled out three times noisy,almost every time is spent the last hour and a half it 5-6 with a special group.Wearing them.Bad luck,there are people sleeping on the speaker said there was trouble.
Well,team play can always hurry.But appearing on this situation,group G,told me not to move it into the group G,it did not go in less than two minutes apart from me,who are dead.So I put the finger( accurate to say that tips ) points to the king of fish.

It also brush the fish too unstable.As the saying goes in fits and starts network.I think it should be interpreted as,first two days drying nets,until the third day in order to catch fish. So I,ah,etc,and finally left the fish appeared. Fish looks like blood did not trouble much,but feels more powerful point.I am pleased to kill with,over twelve minutes.Come in a bow a landmark.Hit a couple drift away.I was wondering too.Horn rang again: xx line Yudong have xx, not xxG, kill xx. I x.

Well,I agree.But I gotta kick the fish.Then came a hero.Finally killed the fish.He sucked a pet ,I drop back to the city dingy.

Yes,I suddenly thought of a boss.140 monk avatar.Well,I immediately do a predecessor.Picking up a lot of heart-sons.In short there are hook,I casually picked up.Finally materials Qi.However, I still can not see the monk,after all,did not set my G people can do.Would not it die.Indeed, it also makes sense,the monk attacks are high,then I went to see Zhakun,he reportedly attacked not very high.They do not touch the body.

So,went to the bar entrance hole.But a lot of people here.However,the team looks to first give you the money?

Oh,ah 120 here can only be considered Hunzi,take you into the mix you can not make money?Indeed justified.However,I am poor,but even this can not afford G,and how might have the money to do this.

So he thought the bear lion.Hey,here is how it feels about the same hole and tie.Forget it.I have to make concessions.Not a warrior tribe has a big bat do?It is said that only 105.Great,so I happily found McGee.

But.There was no one there.

So I jump back to the market continues to this life.Day by day. . . . . .

Finally someone shouting in the market hit the bat smart team.Haha,in fact,such a thing actually happened a dozen times,each time I would not hesitate to ( wording obviously not allowed ) to join.Although not seen a fall off the bat.Because of course,is very simple.When an anti.He kept told me not to move.No anti- when basically not play,what skills can only be used,for the same level of fast weapons.Only the beginning.What happens travel articles,what is anti-injury,what is playing the altar,the priest can increase the blood.They do not understand.Estimated that this could not understand how the thread friend,but I just want to say that these are not off the bat do not understand (BT except hang ).Hey.Wuling dojo would be a good place.But a man playing a bit too boring.Look at the black belt is getting closer,my heart did not mean joy but more worry.There.Are hit every single fat dragon.Even if the group is also probably not too fat dragon.It would be too fatigued.Er ‘d seen hanging along the panda,he twice I died.

I dare you hotties,Maplestory Mesos but also how to play?