Rise up to Justice in MapleSEA!



Asiasoft Online announces the official launch of Justice content update. It is a much anticipated patch featuring two new classes, ZEN and Phantom, major revamp to the Thief and Pirate classes, as well as a new quest to liberate a new world called Azwan, among many others.

“The Justice content update has been the talk of town among MapleSEA gamers for months, as they have been waiting for its arrival. Many players have been looking forward to the arrival of Phantom, the new thief based class who utilises the powers of the cane and card.” Mr Sherman Tan, Chairman of Asiasoft Online. “Also, another major content that the gamers have been looking forward to is the major revamp of the Thief and Pirate class. With most of the other explorer classes who went through major revamps in the past content updates, now it the time for the Thief and Pirate classes to shine and show off their true prowess in the game.”