Wanderer’s Valley: Making Chaotic Evil Fun in Age of Wushu

Age of Wushu has spotlighted a new school which is also the first “Evil” school the Wanderer’s Valley. They do not care about anything, except making the Wushu world collapse. While rooted in secrecy like the Tangmen, Wanderer’s Valley are not dependent on the shadows. They prefer to know that their school instills terror across the world.

Many of the key leaders are fallen members of other sects. A Divinator that discovered he would die an early death founded the school. He knew that living a rich and full life would never happen for him. This knowledge turned him bitter, and the Divinator began recruiting the most infamous members of society to ruin the culture and land that he could never have. He took dark pleasure from watching others suffer as he eventually would. This pleasure in the suffering of others, and the belief that “life is short” is now the battle cry for the Wanderer’s Valley. They believe that they do not need to reveal their motivations, because in the end – it will not matter. The Wanderer’s Valley believes in living in the now, and letting the rest of humanity deal with their consequences. The school’s current leadership in Age of Wushu exemplifies this belief. The leader is a eunuch that wants to cast China straight into chaos, and a man so far removed from the rules – even the Beggar’s sect banished him.

The skills behind the Wanderer’s Valley members are just as fun as the evil they cause. A barehanded skill set called “Bone Corrosion Palm”, uses pressure points and poison energy to cripple others. The “Wind-Catching Blade” uses the strength of the two massive blades to slice through foes with a deadly combination of speed and force. Finally, the “Perish Blade” set is a signature move for the double sting weapon. It uses buffs through points, poisons to weaken an area, and insects to slowly eat away at enemies.

If you just want to see the world burn, then this is the school for you. Do you have what it takes to be the wild card, or is the eunuch more equipped to handle the dangers? For more information, you can visit the Age of Wushu official site.