Forza Horizon 4 is the best way to get the maximum torque value

Forza Horizon 4 is a game that never stops, it has amazing visual quality and sound design, never-ending seasonal changes, every real-time week of the game season will change, bringing new to the world The face, as well as a series of seasonal challenges, will be rewarded with a car reward and a stable Forza Horizon 4 Credits after completing the challenge of regular updates.

Each season’s rewards will have different rewards depending on the progress of the completion. The current reward mechanism is divided into 2 types, 50% and 100% rewards. If you want to get all the rewards, you have to debug and upgrade your car to get the most out of the car, in order to easily win the game.

In the process of vehicle adjustment, it is an indispensable task to obtain the maximum torque, but some players think that torque is not important, they think that Torque is meaningless always has been. with proper gearing, which most cars have stock, you have no I don’t want to listen that’s on you. They suggested that the formula, a car with a Flat 500tq from 1000 to 10000 rpm would produce 95.2 go, at 10000 rpm it would produce 952hp. guarantee you’ll pull harder shifting that car at max rpm.

But there are also many players who oppose this view. They think that the size of the torque determines the acceleration of the car. On some key tracks, your car accelerates faster than others and can take the lead. I also strongly agree with this view. By looking up a lot of information, I found that there are many ways to debug. Each person’s method is different. Some methods are more complicated. Some players say that it is more troublesome to operate. In this regard, I have compiled a relatively easy-to-understand method to share with you, I hope to help you.


Optimal torque simple debugging method
You can find these out through testing too. For red peak, just enter at what RPM the speed meter turns red. For peak torque, change your gearing to manual, switch to a high gear (or lengthen your first gear to encompass the entire chart) I open the telemetry, go down a straight and record at what RPM you hit the highest torque. I too would prefer if they would just put the numbers in, but there are ways to find them out manually.