Path Of Exile: Recipes Should Be Simplified Greatly

In Path of Exile, some recipes take too long to unlock. I’ve been playing a few hours a day for a month and I still haven’t unlocked all of the recipes. And the ones that I haven’t unlocked are the ones I’ve actually been looking forward to using. Very disappointing, considering that I’m about done with this league.

Path of Exile

Recipes are overwhelming and overly complicated. You need a very specific type of beast, mod, and ilevel. It’s too much, guys. Not to mention the fact that you might use up a rare beast in a low tier recipe. I think that it should be simplified greatly. Here is what I suggest:

When you capture a rare beast, you get +1 to rare beasts, and when you capture a legendary beast, you get +1 to legendary beasts. Turn it into a straight up currency.

With recipe costs being very simple: x number of rare beasts, and/or x number of legendary beasts. Or perhaps, when you capture a beast, you get an X number of fangs, where the number depends on the ilevel of the beast.

This would make it so that every single capture is worthwhile. You would be able to grind beasts and spend them on stuff that you actually want. The problem with the current system is that it’s too rng based.

You might play a long time and never complete recipes that you actually want, and instead end up crafting stuff that you don’t care for. Like 95% of the stuff I crafted this league I only crafted because I had too many beasts and was forced to use or lose em, and just happened to meet the requirements for those recipes.

This would also take care of the storage issue, where you run out of space and kinda pushed into crafting stuff even if you don’t want to. What’s your opinion?